What is a website?

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What is Web?

Me! me! me! me! I know!!
Very easy question!

Relaxed teacher explaining what is a website

A website is all the webpages belonging to the same domain name and connected to each other.
Ok, look this schema just below!

internet nodes of different web pages

When I say the webpages are connected, it simply means that we can go from one webpage to another one just by clicking on a link… like a menu!
That’s it!

NOW, what is a webpage?
… It is a document that you access through your browser by entering a web address.

a browser to show where a user can read a website

Exactly, each web address displays a webpage… not necessarily unique.
Two web addresses can display the same web page… it is useless, I know, but it is possible!

https://www.development-tutorial.com => Webpage
https://www.development-tutorial.com/what-is-html/ => Another webpage
https://www.development-tutorial.com/what-is-a-website/ => Another webpage

And to finish, the domain name is just the name of a website.
We have to identify a website by a name because it is easier to remember than numbers.

what exactly is a website!

And of course, all those webpages together constitute web, a part from the internet!

The domain name, has you can understand, hides a number and this number is the physical address of a web server, where your browser goes to get the webpages you asked.

It is exactly the same with human beings: their name and their social security number… easier to remember the name!

a computer which fetch data on a remote server

You need to know the truth about the different types of website

There are only 3 types of websites
But this is only vocabulary, there are no real border between them.
And between you and me it does not real matter, BUT we have to know the vocabulary!

Static websites:
Same content for everybody! It does never change for anyone…
No argue!

Like a simple blog, or informational website like the best one: www.development-tutorial.com (Modesty? Don’t know it, sorry. )

a static website

Dynamic websites:
We say dynamic because data change depending on the user. Of course the website needs to know some information about the user.
Like an e-commerce website.

a dynamic website

On dynamic website, a script generate webpages so they have exactly the same format, but not the same data.

Web application:
There isn’t a huge difference between dynamic websites and web applications.
A web application is a website which use many different technologies… like a video-game in real time.
Or Amazon which need a big software behind it to handle all data, or YouTube, or Facebook

web technology list

Don’t worry, for the moment you don’t have to remember them… they are just examples!

Don’t be worried if you don’t understand everything, about the different type of website; it is only vocabulary and in the future tutorials, you will understand EVERYTHING!
Trust me!

See you my friend,
I have to go stare at the moon.
a development website

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