How to set up a local web development environment on windows?

star easy tutorial local web development environment on windows

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So what do we want…?
Web developer Dr duck explaining how to create a website
We want to build and a test website in real condition only in our machine!
Actually, it called…. a website in local.
Like a website in development…. what it is….

Deployment environment on windows

This is what we want!

In other words… even if your pc is connected to the internet, NOBODY will be able to connect to your web server!
But it is possible.. if we add more stars to the tutorial… and especially if we change the server configuration! ahah

What do we need…?
We need a web server, a database server and server-side language to write the website on server-side!

web server, database and language sever-side software minimum to get a web development environment

So far, it is my tutorial so I will take the most known softwares and language to do this!
It is obvious!

Warning all combination of a web development Oyez, oyez my friends! It exists a looooot of different softwares, and possible combination to get this environment. I suggest just one of them… The prettiest one!

So… the elected software are
Apache as web server!
MySQL as database server!
– And PHP as server-side language!

software choose to get the best web development

From here you should already know what is a web server and a language server-side… and don’t worry about database, I will explain to you soon enough!
Even if I know you know that I know that you know…
Anyway… there is something missing!

Ah yes! super idea for an application software

How do we get/install them?

To do this, we have several solutions:
– Either the hardcore (but very interesting) solution, install all composant, software separately, or better everything in python with the prompt console, like a boss!
A screen of a web developer like a boss

– Or the very easy way, install a stack solution with everything inside!

when your website works perfectly well

As you can see, it a tutorial WITH ONLY ONE STAR! (That means very easy tutorial… just in case )
So we will pick the easiest solution…

But whatisthatquesaco?
A stack solution is a software with several softwares inside!
It is AWESOME!!!

In our case we need to install a software with Apache, MySQL and PHP inside… and everything on windows!!
And it already exist!
This solution is a Wamp solution!

People are a bit lazy, so they just took the first letter of the program to call it…
(Windows A… M… P…)
I am sure you can do it!

Ok! Now which Wamp we will choose? There are so many…
We will do a vote…
Only me! Ok done!
You can find a list of Wamp solution if you want, but I cheated the result… Sorry
(I am a bit sorry about the french list, I didn’t find the same page in english… incredible!)

Wampserver logo, the best web development environment

Congratulation to WampServer!

Just need to install it… wait a minute! Nop, not now!
Come back to see the next tutorial, how to install WampServer!
It is quite easy!

See you soon,
I have to hunt some humans for tonight!