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Networking Basics

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Knowing networking basics is vital, it is to understand how our world works.

Actually, networking is everywhere, from the management of the traffic light to your mobile to the satellites.
We are currently living in a very connected environment and most of our daily actions are automatically connected to the internet.

LAN, wireless connection, routers, clouds, protocols, Internet of Things (IoT), servers, credential management, protocols and much more makes networking fascinating: it is what our world is made of and we are going to learn them together!
At the first sight, these concepts could look puzzling but if you understand these basics, the rest will goes like clock!

In these tutorials, we will see the networking basics, this include a lot of different concepts and definitions than an engineer has to know. The targets are the beginners, you don’t need any special knowledge to start the first ones, and also the experts, as time goes by, our tutorials will be more and more interesting and complex.

We try to make our tutorials very entertaining, accurate and detailed. All of them are ranked with an estimated time, this time and the difficulties are arbitrary so don’t worry if you don’t respect them.
Also, to improve our writing, feel free to leave any comment.

May the networking be with you.
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