What HTML is?

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HTML means “HyperText Markup Language“!
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OMG! My humor is so bad!

introduction to the HTML code


I mean, HTML real means “HyperText Markup Language“…

Exactly HTML is a language and… it is very easy to learn!
A language than your browser can read.

Example of very basic HTML code:

You will learn it very soon! It should be the next tutorial!
HTML is the skeleton of a website!

HTML represented like skeleton of a website

Stop looking at your PC like this, it is an expression!
There are no real bones!

What does that means?

It is the language used to send a webpage from the web server to your browser.
When you go to a website, the web server send data to your browser, a web page.
Those data are in HTML!

html code transfering between computer and server

Your browser read the HTML and display the webpage!

How we can get very beautiful webpage if we receive only the skeleton of the webpage?
Very good question… who asked? You?

ghost to represent a website like a ghost with only hypertext markup language

In the HTML code, the most of time.. like 99.99% of the cases , you can find other languages to make a beautiful webpage that your browser can handle.

Look this page with only HTML…. be careful to your eyes!
It is a bit ugly, isn’t it?

The HTML is build only the elements of the page and the other languages (Like CSS or JavaScript) make it a bit more attractive…
Don’t worry we will learn them as well.
I won’t give you up! Never! 😉

Voila, now, you know what is HTML!

I have to go to fish bugs!
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end of the tutorial simple html website