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HTML is a language used in all websites and by many people: marketers, web editors, designers, network managers should know it and web developers have to master it.
This language which has a particular structure, is very straight forward to learn. It is a markup language, you will see very soon. HTML5 markup language
Mobiles, application web, responsiveness, different standards, browsers engines, SEO, API are the daily happy life of a web developer.
Even though the demand is more and more complex, the version 5 of HTML gives to the web developers more flexibilities than the previous versions.

In these tutorials, we will guide you to learn HTML5 programming and to build a new website from scratch. We will go deeper and deeper to also cover the advanced parts.
“The differences between a good developer and an excellent developer are in the details.” from me. HTML5 best tutorials

These tutorials are structured to understand HTML5 programming in step-by-step guides with practice parts.
No special skill is required to start these tutorials… if you don’t start with the advanced parts.
Don’t hesitate to read more than once a tutorial if you don’t understand something or don’t hesitate to ask questions.
All courses are ranked with an estimated time and a difficulty level but they are completely arbitrary.

Let’s start HTML5 programming!

May the code be with you.
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