How to install WampServer?

star easy tutorial local web development environment on windows

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And if your lost at the middle of the tutorial, or anywhere.
Let me know at the bottom of the page in comment.

Or not… ahahah

Ok stop joking!
Let’s start from the beginning… it is more useful!

Go to … yes, the main website is French!!
What? Yes, je suis un Canard francais!

To get WampServer, click download and select your good architecture of your processor… easy!!

Menu of the website to download wampserver 64 bits

I will make it simple, click here!

Popup of the wamp to choose between 32 and 64 bits on windows 10

You arrive on THE SourceForge website and you wait to the countdown go to 0…
Nop, sorry….

We are just downloading WampServer.

Because sometimes it doesn’t work:

Click on the big green button to download to install the 64 bits version!
OR, if you want to install the 32 bits version, click on the folder WampServer 3 to find a file ending by x86.

Sourceforge to download wamp on windows

Download it!
Now you have it!

Now, STOP!
Wait for it!

check before installing wamp server

We need to install some libraries… Wha? what?

Apache need some components on Windows because it is not from a Windows OS… it is from Unix!
What a style!
From Microsoft! No virus guaranteed!


package from microsoft for wamp 3

Click on the big red… button!
Hmmm…. I surrounded it… in case you missed it…

Choose your processor version… and download the packages!

Now install them!

install microsoft packages


end of installing microsoft packages

If it ask you to repair the install…. that means it is already installed… so no need!
Do not be a fool!

NO! Not now yet!
We need to check some stuff before installing WampServer!!

Well… from here you will play to a hacker!

Open your command prompt!
Yes, your command prompt!

Open a folder and at the address of your folder enter this:

OR +
Write “cmd” and press enter!

We need to know what is the file system model of your hard disk, it has to be NTFS!…. Just pray!
Otherwise….. let me know!

File system type to test for wampserver


Then, we need to look for if you have already installed a version of PHP
So you have to type:

And if you have more that 1 hard disk, like me.
You can see it above, repeat with a space between 2
For example, my result is:

Check PHP before installing wampserver

As you can see it, I have some result!
I have to remove them!

When you remove the files, don’t do it manually, use the “control panel”>”Programs and Features” and uninstall the software… that will avoid you some difficulties…

In a folder:

Redo the process to get this result:

PHP ini file before to install wampserver 64

Do exactly the same operation for my.ini file. It is for the version of MySQL… the database server.
For example:
Warning all combination of a web development Even if it is a old WampServer version, before 2.5 do a backup of your work, uninstall it and then install the new version. Otherwise you could lose data.
Now we can start the install!

Double click on the WampServer executable file you downloaded!
And let’s go!

Select your language…

choose you language on the install of wampserver


Accept condition of wamp


Information about wamp server

Choose your path…
Warning all combination of a web development The path don’t have any space or any weird characters… so not in Program Files (x86)!
Letters or numbers only!

choose your path to install wampserver 64 or 32 bits

Next again…

create a shortcut wampserver


validation the wampserver install

Take a coffee…

progress bar of the install of wampserver

Come back from your coffee…
And choose your browser…

choose your browser for wamp 3

Just look for your favorite browser and pick the .exe file.
For example, I use usually Firefox Developer version to work…

choose your browser for wamp 3

For Google Chrome you should get it in this folder Do the same action for the text editor

choose your text editor for wamp server

And the best text editor is….

choose notepadd to use with wampserver


end of the install

And BOOM it is finished!!

end of the easy install of wampserver

Now… we need a last think to use it…
How to start WampServer?

Go in Start menu > WampServer.

Wampserver64 in the windows menu

OR go in the folder you just installed WampServer and double click on the exe file!

For the moment, WampServer is set up for local only!
In the future tutorials, we will see how to open Apache and your website to the world!!
Anyway, you can find a small icon at the right bottom of your screen!
It is green, all good!

green icon to see if wamp is started

Otherwise let me know, I will help you to fix it!

Where can you see your website?
Ahahah, you want to see something?

Ok, left click on the green icon and choose Localhost.

options of wampserver

Here we go!!
wampserver main page open

Localhost or is your local address
I mean it is the address of the network in your PC, inside your PC, with just one PC, yours!

Open any browser, enter this address and you will see this webpage!
Of course when your Webserver is turned on!!

Localhost is just the name for the address… it is exactly the same thing.
Just we speak with letters and PCs speak with numbers…. it is easier for us to remember a name.
That’s it!!
But we will see all this stuff another day!

Now get rest and congratulation!!
It is for you!
Medal to get finished the tutorial on how to install wampserver

I go to do some squat!
I have a mara-water-thon!

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the tutorial on how to install wampserevr.
    I fallowed your tutorial, but when I start the wamp serever It’s icon stay orange and wont go to green.
    During the installation process I received several time a warning about a dll file that wasn’t found. I pressed OK button on the alert box of the massage and the installation continued…
    What can I do to overcome this problrm?

    Thank you.

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