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Knowledge is a real power and “with great power comes great responsibility!” Uncle Ben.
Ok, let’s end with easy quotes and let’s start learning!

In these tutorials you will learn how to create a website from scratch, and they are more and more complex… I didn’t say difficult! 😉 The first tutorials are for beginners, for people who don’t knows anything about coding, not even computing. Well, you have to start from somewhere and here is a good place!

When you read a tutorial the most important point is to understand, so feel free to send me a message if you have any question, to read books, to see other tutorials if you need or even to search on the internet.
Also, don’t hesitate to go further in a subject, especially if it is difficult or if you don’t really understand. If you need to read more than once, it is a very good sign, that means you are learning.

In other words, go through difficulties and make mistakes are the best way to learn!

May the code be with you.
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