How to create a new project on Wampserver?

easy wampserver tutorial

I have to wake up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I love sleeping!!
start of the tutorial on apache hosting
Ok, I am READY!!
Now you already have installed WampServer, you want to create a new project,
you will see it is very easy!

First step create a new folder whose the path have NO SPACE, NO SPECIAL CHARACTER and NO UNDERSCORE (_) !
Apache doesn’t like them!

folder of the path to add a virtual host

I choose this path…

The path of victory and love…
the love of apache server
Oups sorry…

Yes, if you follow all the tutorials we will create a browser game… It is awesome, isn’t it!!

Then start Wampserver, go to localhost… click!

localhost of wamp server apache

And you should arrive on this page… otherwise you have a problem.

page to create the virtual domain

Yes, as you guess we won’t add a project in a project section because it is not really cool to use…
Yep, I am Cool Dr Duck!

Exactly if you use “Project”, your address will be localhost/{NameOfYourFolder}… it is possible, EVERYTHING is possible, but it is not cool!!

But creating a new Virtual Host, you will custom your own local address, exciting isn’t it??
So, now you arrive here!!!

create a new virtual host

As you can see, I already fill out the form.
Click on the button “Start”!
Restart Apache

restart apache on wampserver

Apache > Service administration … > Restart Service
In case….

And now you can click on your project!!
BOOOOMM! It works!! You just created a local virtual domain!!

If you want to become a killer and understand what we did by creating a new virtual host, ask me and I will create another tutorial a bit more technical.

ninja to understand apache virtual host

Now we need to create a file in the next tutorial
Go to the next tutorial!!

See you soon humanoid,
I have to train to my air violin!

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